onsdag 2 juni 2010

My favorite flower - the entries

Det har börjat komma in bidrag till utmaningen. Tyvärr kommer jag endast att skriva om bidragen på engelska för att spara lite tid. Men kolla gärna på bilderna och länkar finns till alla de shoppar som deltar finns ovanför respektive bidrag.
We have a first entry for this weeks challenge! I'm so excited :)

Two Trees Belgium has made these beautiful rings. Her favorite flowers are roses! The roses are made of porcelain and clay.

The second entry is from Dina Fragola. She has made this cute necklace. Her favorite flowers are also roses.

This lovely greeting card is made by Stephmel. Her favorite flower is the poppy.

These gorgeous pinback buttons are made by Sole De Vita. Since her favorite flowers are lilacs there are real lilacs inside the buttons.

This wonderful scarf is made by Ingermaaike. Her inspiration was a field of cornflowers just before dusk bordered by two babbling brooks.

Helmitarha's favorite flowers are poppies and they inspired her to make this beautiful poppy brooch.

This gorgeous necklace is made by Arctida. Her inspiration came from one of her most favorite flowers - Water Lilies and in this particular case Blue Egyptian Water Lily.

This sunny and sweet dress is made my Bialakura. Her favorite flowers are sunflowers.

This necklace is made by Anca (Happy hang around). The necklace is not finished in the picture and it was so popular that she gave it away before taking photos of the finished necklace. Anca's favorite flower is the lily of the valley.

This little cutie is Mister Paulo and he is made by Morrgan. Her (and Mister Paulos) favorite flowers are roses.

This stunning and romantic red roses ring is made by Leela Bijou. Her favorite flowers are of course red roses :).

This gorgeous crochet bag is made by Sexyhandmade. The pattern for the bag is dedicated to the style of the flowers in black and white drawings.

This lovely brooch is made by Marryg. Her favorite flower is the Scottish thistle.

Violasboutique has made this beautiful appliqué flower. Her favorite flowers are also roses.

This gorgeous pendant is made by Lucietales. It's made of aluminum hand formed with some vintage brass, vintage pearl bead and vintage silver chain. It is kind of hybrid between orchid and daffodil.

This lovely blanket is made by Pieceunique. She loves flowers but despite scratching her head she could not come up with one favourite, so she opted instead for a favorite: floral prints in a patchwork!

This gorgeous bead is made by Alatsupplies. Her favorite flowers are daises.

Last but not least we have a stunning necklace made by Star of the East. Her favorite flowers are also roses.

And one more entry... This romantic necklace is made by Colours and Textures. Her favorite flowers are roses.

Wow! So many superb entries inspired by different flowers! Now it is just up to me to choose a winner....

8 kommentarer:

  1. For all your cute things, you get this ( http://meggi1908.blogspot.com/2010/06/mein-erster-blog-award-freu.html ) from me.

    Lovely greets,

  2. Thank you Sofia for this Flower theme! :)
    Realy Nice entries so far.
    Good luck Everyone!

  3. Most excellent theme indeed and a big congrats on winning last week. Henry is beyond cute :)

  4. Congrats on winning the challenge!!

    So many wonderful entries already! :)

  5. Congrats on winning the challenge and Thank you for the fun theme :) Beautiful entries, ladies!

  6. Congrats on winning last weeks challenge and thanks so much for your kind hosting. All entries are so beautiful.Best wishes and good luck everyone!

  7. Really lovely entries! Good luck with the decision. Will be tough. I don´t envy you! :)


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