onsdag 26 maj 2010

Lila rosor / Purple roses

Ännu ett halsband med rosor. Denna gång i två olika lila nyanser.

I have made another necklace with roses. This time it is with roses in purple.
Jag har fått en award av Helmitarha. Tack så mycket för den :) Jag har dock fått samma award tidigare och hänvisar därför till detta inlägg.

I got an award from Helmitarha. Thank you very much :). But I already got the same award. Check this post. It is in Swedish though so I will translate the seven facts about me.

-I love orchids and have many of them. Well at least I used to have. My interest is not that big anymore so a few of them have unfortunately died :(.

-I have a huge love for Italy. Love the food, the people, the country and everything about it!

-I'm very interested in the environment and environmental problems. That is also the reason why I study biology.

-I ran a half-marathon last autumn. It was horrible but I've already applied for this autumns half-marathon...

- I study biology and geography and is going to be a teacher when I grow up :). Really not my dream, would prefer to own a yarn shop or something...

-I'm really messy and don't have any kind of self discipline! Luckily my boyfriend is the complete opposite...

- It is thanks to my mum that I crochet. When I started I only made long long chain-stitch chains. Me and my mum sell together at craft fairs too :)

3 kommentarer:

  1. Hi Sofia. Congratulations on the double awards!! It is lovely to get to know you a little more. I wish the best with your teaching as well as craft activities. Your designs are so cute and I would love to see more of your items.

  2. Oh, halsbandet var riktigt snyggt!

  3. Åh vilka snygga halsband!

    Så upptäckte jag att du inte finns med i min länklista på bloggen, och det är ju dumt. Trodde jag lagt dit dig för längesen.


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